Tuesday, February 26, 2008

All you need is love...

I love that tune...who doesnt? ;)
I wanted to share my 2 latest LO's and a card I made for an upcoming wedding we are going too. It's probably the most time I ever spent on a card but it was worth it because I like how turned out....hopefully the bride and groom do too ;)
I scrapped the 2 LO's today...it's cold and snowy here, we are stuck in the house...may as well scrap! My goal is to have most of David's LO's all caught up by the time Gracie arrives so I am not too far behind!
Thanks for reading!


Conibaer said...

Your LOs and the card rock!!!

Michelle said...

of course your work is beeeeautiful!! I must tell you that I am gettin greally really excited for you to have baby gracie!! I feel like I am right there with ya holding your hand waiting for the arrival of that baby girl...your whole outlook on life in general will CHANGE with the birth of a girl...trust me its a goooooood thing!!

Jessica said...

gorgeous LO's Jenn as always, and the card will be much appreciated. Lovely work!