Thursday, July 26, 2007

TSS Toby kit!!!!

I have had so much fun with this kit. I am actually sad it's almost gone, lol! It was just one of those kits that you could have used 2 of! Here are my LO's...lots of doodles and paint going on!

Other than scrapping we have been having a nice summer. My little one is getting so big! He is playing soccer every week and loves it! We have been painting and playing with Playdoh a lot! He loves to be creative just like his Mama and Dada! (I feel a LO coming on!)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!!!

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*Rachel* said...

I so loved this kit and what you did with it! You are so good about keeping up on your need to kick my butt a bit! You are so very inspiring! :)