Thursday, April 26, 2007


Harry, Harry, Harry. Where do I begin? We spent an amazing night together, didn’t we? Hehe!

He opened with my all time favorite song, “Come by me”. And to think I was worried he wouldn’t play it! Surely he got word I was in the crowd! Our seats were awesome. We could see him perfectly! He joked and danced and got the crowd going. He ran up to the top of his piano, jumped off and fell…he said “I hurt my arse”…one of his best lines I’d say! He did his New Orleans walk/dance across the stage and it was hilarious! He shook his bootie and I for one didn’t take my eyes off of that number! Mom, Vanna, Liss, Beth, Theresa and I had so much fun! We were all singing and chair dancing our butts off! I had to keep reminding myself to stay seated. I wanted to jump up and scream many times! Especially when Harry started talking about his wife being “so over him”, he was obviously joking but I wanted to scream and jump up and down and tell him to come home with me! He told us that a special guest was joining him and then announced it was Sanjaya. The crowd went nuts! He joked that it was so sad that Sanjaya is so well known and it has taken him 20 years to get to where he is today! (FYI, Sanjaya wasnt there, lol! Thankfully!)

Liss and Vanna got caught by the ushers trying to take some cell phone pics. I was bummed because I wanted some pictures to stare at and relive this night when ever I wanted! I ended up with this blurry cell phone picture but I think it’s better than nothing!

I am working on a LO right now about our night!

Thank you MOM for taking us to dinner and to see Harry!!!


Anonymous said...

sounds like an AWESOME, AWESOME night!

Nancy K. said...

Very cool night. Glad you had fun!

Michelle said...

Even tho that is a cell phone pic, I looooove the feel of it...sooo lucky to be you!

Suzanne said...

Sounds like a blast! Can't wait to see your layout!!!

Jessica said...

Jenn, you crack me up!!!! love the pic even if it's not the best, you still have it!!!

You've been tagged by me, check my blog! :)